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Welcome to Online Cleaning Solutions

At Online Cleaning Solutions our mission is simple…. To provide professional grade, yet affordable cleaning products that make cleaning easy for you. Our products will out-perform anything else you’ll find in the Australian market. Why waste your hard earned money on inferior products that claim everything and deliver nothing?

Shop with confidence...

Shop with confidence with our price guarantee… If you find the same product stocked in Australia at a cheaper rate than what we offer, we’ll happily beat that price by 50% of the difference! Now that’s 50 good reasons to shop at www.Onlinecleaningsolutions.com.au.

Why are we so confident with our price guarantee and products?

Well, it’s simple. We import large quantities of products at discounted rates from our manufacturer and by doing this, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.  On top of our already discounted prices, we now offer a rewards point system so it’s easy to qualify for FREE products!

Browse our online store and order products that remove water spots from glass, clean solar panels, clean and restore awning fabrics, remove bird droppings from all surfaces and much more.

At www.Onlinecleaningsolutions.com.au, we make you’re choice clear and simple. Problem Solved!

How to remove hard water stains from glass using Winsol Crystal Clear 550

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